Asia Anastasia – Biography

asia-anastasia-uke-musicAsia Anastasia is a self-taught, multi-instrumental recording artist. Asia is known to be a “one stop shop” artist (an artist who writes, composes, records, produces, mixes and masters their own music). Asia Anastasia is also a visual artist and director who captures her own photo stills, music videos, and creates elaborate paintings.

Her message is one of self love, self exploration, and self empowerment. She brings forth these messages through her ukulele music, dance, and other artwork. Her art is coupled with a message of exploring the beauty in life and in yourself; becoming the best you, you can be – to better aid yourself and others.

Asia’s inspiration comes from experiences, observations of life, thoughts, concepts, dreams and philosophies. “Life offers a lot of knowledge & wisdom in the situations it presents you with. It’s a lot to write about.” – Asia Anastasia

Her unique look keeps heads turning; as her hair is often described as being “larger than life”. But, her personality reflects one of sweetness, gentility, and humbleness.

Asia also studies web design and built this website to communicate with her fans, and share her original art. 

 As an independent artist, Asia is passionate about maintaining her artistic freedom, and her direct, pure connection with her fans. Asia Anastasia honors the gifts she was given, and credits her mother for her inspiration and entrepreneurial spirit.


A word from Asia Anastasia: “At an early age I discovered something I was very passionate about… something that I loved to do more than anything… And as a young girl I spent every day pursuing that passion  and developing my craft, or “gift” as my mother calls it… For years I traveled across the country playing in my family band as lead singer, and rhythm guitar. Then, I began performing and touring as a solo artist. Through my journey, I found my way to the ukulele. I fell in love, and was completely inspired by the gentility and sweetness of the sound. Through that inspiration, I wrote and recorded my debut solo album titled, “Daisy Dreamin'”.  My dream is to continue sharing this gift, and to continue on this journey with my fans, supporters, and friends, and create sweet memories, tunes, and vibrations for the many years to come. Much Love, Asia Anastasia.”